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Meet the Ancient Healer

Sherry Methlingis an Energy Healer and Spiritual Intuitive from Chicago and is the only intuitive of her kind.  Some refer to her as a Medical Intuitive, as her body is her source of information.  Whether it is during a healing session, or a walk in the park, Sherry automatically receive sharp pains throughout her entire body  from others stored unaligned energies; either from  emotional, mental, or physical distress in the past.  In one session, she will go through numerous acute sensations, indicating exactly where the roots and blockages lye.  Sherry clears pains, problems, repeating patterns, old programs, limiting beliefs, DNA, memories, and experiences that have been stored and locked in the physical realms for ages.

She is certified in a number of Energy Healings: Reiki, Shamanism, Shamballa, Matrix and Chinese Energetics, and in the Life Line and Emotional Freedom Techniques. In addition, she also practices channeling angels, spiritual healings, chakra balancing with crystals, color, sound and aromatherapy.

She is certified from the National College of Naprapathic Medicine as a Massage Therapist, studied at the Chicago College of Clairvoyance in meditation and energy healing, and receiving her Bachelor degree in Science from Eastern Illinois University. Being an expert in her field, she has transformed thousands of people’s lives. If you are seeking healing and want to be more deeply connected to your authentic self, your truth, your light, or to be more peaceful, balanced, centered, patient, and loving then look no more.


My History...

After 13 years in the corporate world and all the modern comforts of that lifestyle - security, stability, financial solvency, escalating titles, and comfort; and with having experienced chronic physical pain over the past decade; I’ve finally shifted and broke FREE from the ideals of this world, as I surrendered with the awakening to my higher calling in Healing.

Like many of us, I went off to college to pursue an education for the necessary degree in order to secure a job in the corporate world. However, all I found was unfilled promises, dreams and an empty soul that desired more. The yearning for something more opened my mind to all sorts of questions, what is my soul’s purpose? What are my passions? What makes me tick? What is the contract I signed up for before coming into this life? These questions started to manifest in my mind.

My interest and journey in healing began over a decade ago, when I started experiencing chronic pain; from heel pain (planter fasciitis), lower back pain (herniated disc), to severe cervical pain. I - like many of us - sought Western Medicine for a solution. I bounced around from specialists to specialist: Medical Doctors, Back Specialists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Neurologists, and was frequently prescribed medications. After many doctors, MRI’s, countless hours in therapy, injections and a great deal of money spent, I concluded that conventional medicine yielded unsatisfactory results, which ultimately led to the turning point in my life.

As my fascination in Healing began to grow, I knew there had to be an answer. The seeds were being planted in me, for beneath it all was a pervasive desire to awaken and answer to my higher calling – to follow my passions, fulfill my soul’s purpose, and share my gifts with others. Seek, and you shall find. Ask, and it shall be given to you. It was clear my newly chosen path was the correct one.

In 2008, I was introduced to numerous Healers, Holistic Practitioners, Clairvoyants, Medical Intuitives, and Mediums. While I was accumulating applied experience in a vast array of techniques, I was informed that I possess the ability to feel other people’s energy and pain (i.e., I was empathetic). This enlightenment explained past experiences that, until this point, were a mystery to me. Even in the briefest of interactions with other human beings, I could sense and physically take on their pain and issues at the same time they were experiencing the discomfort, an ability known as clairsentience. Knowledge that I possessed these natural gifts propelled my quest to heal myself, and led me to discover the following:

Energy Medicine

Spiritual & Crystal Clearings

Sound & Aromatherapy

Massage & Cupping

I AM remembering who I AM. ~ sherry

all of which have been practiced since the beginning of time. I found that the combination of these methods healed my physical pain, and connect me into the wholeness of my body as well as reached into the depths of my soul.

Today, the work I offer is a simple, authentic expression of my commitment to healing birthed out of my own life experiences. Following my own deepest questions, I finally moved beyond the limitations imposed by negative thoughts and belief systems that were conditioned in me. I have developed my work for those who suffer from any type of pain or difficulty in their lives, be it physical, emotional or mental. If these blockages continue to go untreated, they will eventually manifest into physical form causing symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, migraines, disease, and cancers to name a few. As a committed Healing resource, I will peel away the layer of negative emotions and thoughts that have been accumulated and stored over time resulting in undesirable symptoms in the body, mind & spirit.

My goal in this life is to bring you back to what has been lost - your AUTHENTIC SELF! It’s time to come home. As a conduit for light and love to pass through, I am here to clean up this world one soul at a time from the inside out. This is my PURPOSE, my PASSION, and my JOURNEY!


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