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Sound Healing

ound Healing is a therapeutic field rapidly taking note by modern medicine and science due to its effective applications. Because we are vibrational beings, healing occurs though the effect of appropriate application of intentional sound, or the expression of unfelt emotions.

Sound has been used as a healing catalyst throughout human history, across cultural bounds. Whether the nomadic shaman, the Tibetan Lama, or Christian, Islamic, Hindu, African or Jewish priest, sound has been found to carry us closer to that we hold as sacred, and to that we view as whole. Indeed, to be whole is the very meaning of healing.

Ancient Healings has integrated Tibetan and Crystal Bowls as the chosen sacred sound instruments. These singing bowls will tap into your deeper consciousness of mind, body and spirit which is waiting to be found and expressed; creating for healing, enlightenment, and a higher state in evolving.

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