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Sherry’s coaching and healing style are direct, clear, powerful, effective and empathic.  She will channel and use her intuitive gifts to heal and clear pretty much any issue, problem or blockage that arise during a healing session. As Sherry digs deep to the core beliefs and patterns that need changing or wounds that need healing. 
Sherry’s sessions are healing, transformational, insightful, and enlightening.  Whether it’s emotional blockages, stress, fear, doubt, uncertainty, trauma, grief, addictions, depression, anxiety, feeling lost, broken, stuck or having financial or relationship problems Sherry is sure to get to the roots of the matter one session at a time.  Please know that just like a tree, we also have many roots to every repeating debilitating “issue” which is causing us to be out of alignment from our true self and authentic power and light.

If you are ready to Change, Heal, Reboot, Reset, and Restore to your Authentic Self, Mind, Body, Life, and True Happiness then you’ll want to book your sessions today.

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“Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it is given.”

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All Session are remote/distant healings done via the phone or WhatsApp.

To schedule your session/s you can contact Sherry at:

SMS/Text or Call: 1.708.466.0762

Mini Healing Session (30 minutes): $88 (Phone/WhatsApp)

Chakra clearing and balancing with Intuitive Insight and Guidence to assist you along your path in the Light.

Healing Session (1 hour): $150 (Phone/WhatsApp)

This session is infused with various forms of energy and spiritual healing techniques while guided by Sherry's gifted empathic and intuitive healing abilities. If you are ready to change, heal, and transform from the inside, so that your life will change on the outside then you'll want to book this session today.

Package Deals:
5 Healing Sessions: $700 (original price $750)
10 Healing Sessions: $1,300 (original price $1,500)

Choose from 5 or 10 Sessions

Guided Meditation: $55 (30 minutes)

As a soul, we have many abilities found within the inner spiritual realms. Your soul’s personality expresses your uniqueness on this planet through your body. The journey with guided meditation is to be taken for self-discovery, and in returning to your authentic self. You will explore your own meaning of life, access abilities that already exist within you, and develop some skills. The Guided Meditations taught here will provide you with the tools that will assist you in growing your awareness and creating the life you want!

Life Coaching Session: $150 per hour (1 hour)

Do you who want to live a profoundly meaningful, richly rewarding, and courageously authentic life? My approach addresses all aspects of personal growth, including:
• Self-Confidence • Relationships • Meditation • Creativity • Health • Self-Care • Life Purpose • Entrepreneurship • Authentic Leadership • If you want to stand in your own power and have clarity about who you are and where you’re headed — if you want your life to originate from the truth of your inner Self, not from the dictates of society or other people’s expectations — I can help!

Monthly Classes: $99


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Intuitive Reading Session: $77 (30 minutes)

As Sherry is channelled in, she will share with you clearly and accurately advice which you are seeking.
It is recommended that you bring in specific questions where you are seeking insight into your life. 
You will know the truth with matters that are important to you Now and in the Future. 

The reading covers all concerns and matters of the heart.  Deep insight is revealed into your life and higher destiny.



Your body is only as good as the fuel you
put in it. ~sherry

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