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Out of the darkness comes the LIGHT

Ancient Healings is a complete system of healing, self-care, transformation and it creates new possibilities in all areas of your life. It is very much about transforming your belief systems, programs, patterns, past experiences and lower emotional vibrations. An Ancient Healing session appears magical in its expression but is based on the laws and expression of energy physics and the concepts and laws of quantum physics.
Ancient Healings is not a "thing" to be defined - it is, instead, a pathway to transformation. This transformation takes place by communicating at a quantum level of energy and information which creates all realities as it accesses pathways and maps for transformation to occur. As a natural extension of changing your energy and light bodies frequencies, your old realities collapse, and new opportunities materialize, and people observe changes instantly.

If you are struggling or experiencing any of the following...

Relationship problems with spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, loved ones, family, friends,
co- workers and bosses?
Strung out, overwhelmed, irritable or exhausted?
Letting go and getting over a divorce, break-up, or loss of a loved one?
Unfilled or stuck in a dead end job?
Financially struggling to stay afloat with your finances?
Festering anger, resentment, blame, hatred or other unwanted emotions.
Feeling lost, confused or uncertain about your path?
Gaining weight and feeling stuck in losing it?
Unwanted thoughts, emotional distress or physical pain?
Donít have enough time in the day?
Fluctuating between anxiety and depression?
Difficulty in kicking an addiction or bad habit?
Seeking a solution in maintaining balance with your relationship, family, friends,
career and activities?
Repeating the same mistakes or patterns over and over again?
Losing motivation, focus or your zest for life?

...then you will want to contact Sherry at
Ancient Healings
today: 1.708.466.0762

Master Energy Healer, Sherry Methling is a Medical and Spiritual Intuitive who uses her extraordinary natural born gifts to transform people's lives. To heal, she channels and combines a unique blend of techniques that utilizes various forms of energy healing. She does intensive transformational healings and works on shifting old repeating patterns, programs, belief systems that are holding you back, clears karma, chakras and ancestral linage, repairs DNA blockages, cuts unwanted etheric cords, views contracts and divine blue prints and whatever else shows up during the session. This healer will take you and your life to the next level one step at time. For anyone who is ready to shift, change or transform their life, you did not stumble upon this by mistake. Itís time to create the life you always wanted. The time is now and the choice is yours. Dreams are meant to come true!

This all encompassing healing, balances and remove all obstructions that have manifested into physical form, whether rooted in the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual state. Sherry and Ancient Healings have one common goal in mind - utilize "Ancient Ways in Modern Days" to restore and balance the mind, body, and spirit one soul at a time. The concepts and disciplines that are practiced here are highly effective.

The combinations of these healings bring the body's energy flow back in balance, vitalize the cells of the body, purify thoughts of the mind, and shift "negative" emotions and experiences to "positive". These healings work at the root causes of your condition - to the very highest, lowest, and deepest levels of your being.

Ancient Healings work is not about avoiding your inner reality, but about uncovering, acknowledging, and releasing a lifetime's worth of:

Hidden emotional triggers that keep you in repetitive cycles
Irritating psychic sore spots that make life uncomfortable
Dark subconscious shadows that sabotage relationships
Attachments and addictions that control your life's actions
Submerged memories and secrets that trouble your life & dreams
Resistances that are holding you in ignorance, denial, and fear

All these things (and more) fester under the surface of your being, slowly and insidiously stealing bits and pieces of your passion and zest for life.

Ancient Healings will not make you experience what is already inside of you, but helps bring all that is the "Truth" of who you are and what you hold within (be it light or dark, good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant) to the surface of your conscious awareness... to be transformed and healed.

This healing work will help you extract, bit by bit, the illusions and myths from your mind and heart. From this clarity, you eventually feel, and finally get to know your Authentic Self – Love, Essence, the Universal, Eternal, and Ultimate Truth.

If you are ready to take complete personal responsibility for every aspect of your life, Sherry is here to utilize her unique healings and abilities, and empower you on your journey back home to your Authentic Self.
Take charge of your life today. Decide to do what it takes to learn your body's inner language and let go of what no longer serves you.

By Appointment Only


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