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IV. History of Crystal Healings

he use of crystals dates as far back as history itself. They were used in Biblical times, throughout Ancient Egypt, Rome and date back to ancient cultures.

The bible makes mention of crystals over 200 times, one of the most notable being in Exodus, where the High Priest, Aaron, (brother of Moses) was instructed by God to make breast plate from particular crystals which he was to wear for protection and wisdom. Ancient cultures and civilizations have used crystals for many different purposes. They have been used in medicine and health care, protection, magic and rituals, as offerings and currency, for divination, for good luck and wealth as well as precious gifts and items of beauty. They were used to make elixirs and as a “first aid” tool.

During the mechanical revolution, the world experienced a shift in it’s thinking where “medicine” and other practices became redefined and much more scientific. Only now are we moving back to acceptance of historic tradition in term of healing and spiritualism where we have the option to work with both ancient and modern modalities, benefiting in the wisdom of both worlds. The popularity of using crystals is spreading rapidly as we move into an era of open-mindedness and a willingness to experience different modalities in a search for “what works” for us as individuals.


Most crystals are formed mainly from silicon and oxygen, silicon being a most prolific element in the Earth’s core. When silicon and oxygen combine, they form silicon dioxide, which is also known as quartz. The other elements which are present during this combining of elements are what create the different types of crystals and contribute to its properties. There are of course other types of crystal formations such as Diamonds which are made from carbon, Jet, which is fossilized wood or coal, Amber which is a resin. So the category of crystal /mineral/ gemstone is quite broad, and also includes such minerals as silver and gold.

It is a scientific fact that all matter is made up of energy, and that any object, be it a person, plant, a plastic pipe, grain of sand or body of water has energy within it and surrounding it. Energy resonates at a particular vibration, and for each object or thing, there will be a specific vibration.

The human body is designed to function ‘properly’, and when it is doing so, each part of the body and particular emotions have their own specific vibrations. When the body or emotion is not healthy this vibration changes. Just like watching TV, if the waves from the TV signal are not turned in properly, the picture and sound is affected. Crystals can help “tune in” the vibration for the human body as well as for other living things such as plants and animals.

The best & most efficient pharmacy is within your own system. ~ Robert C. Peale

This is called the Theory of Resonance. Crystals are set in their formation, so unlike the human body, they do not alter in their vibration and “get sick” or out of balance. This makes them excellent tools in assisting the body and mind as the crystals stays constant in its vibration and will therefore bring the body into line with the crystal’s “healthy” vibration.

It is important to note that as the body is designed to repair itself, it does not tune itself to the ‘wrong’ vibration.
So in actual fact, the principle of how crystals work is extremely simple, a fact that is a great benefit to the lay-person as it makes them very simple to use on any level. Crystals have so many uses – healing on a physical and emotional level, cleansing your environment, protection, relaxation, assisting meditation, and attraction.

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