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VIII. Life Coach:

Common Questions:

How do I create the life that I want?
How can I stop drifting and find greater focus?
How do I stop ruminating about the past and worrying about the future?
Why haven’t I met “the one”?
How can I gain more self-confidence?
What do I do to increase financial abundance?


Clarity, Meaning and Fulfillment
Focus and Motivation
Higher Vibrations/Frequencies
Maintaining Positive Thoughts
Stronger, Healthier Relationships
Greater Personal and Professional Success
Purpose and Direction


Works on You: Exercising - Eating Healthy – QT with Self – Shifting & Transforming old negative thoughts and patterns into a positive & productive way of life. You will learn how to say “Yes” to what nourishes you and “No” to what doesn’t. Self-care begins with connecting to your core Self, and from that place, making small changes over time that transform your life.


Transform how you communicate with your partner
Clear past baggage brought in from childhood/past relationships
Develop techniques to build a stronger & happier relationship
Unravel difficult patterns between you and your partner
Deepen your capacity to LOVE
Deciding if the relationship is salvageable or not
Digging beneath the surface to the core of the hearts


Beneath day-to-day work and busyness, lies a deeper space within you. It’s expansive, resonant, whole. It goes by many names — true Self, authentic self/power, spirit, being ‘in the flow’. This essence is always within; it’s just covered up, the way clouds cover the sun. I offers practical, immediate tools to help part the clouds and reveal the sun of Self, allowing you to access your essence, so that you can bring more of the real You into your everyday life. For out of the darkness comes the LIGHT.


Want to meditate, or meditate better? Want inner peace, or a deeper sense of self, but just sitting on a cushion isn’t getting you there? While meditating, people are told to “become the watcher” and to “watch their emotions come and go without judging,” but often aren’t given practical tools to do this. I coach methods of helping people “become the watcher,” to actively practice compassion and non-judgment towards their thoughts and emotions. Coaching sessions can help people become meditators (or better meditators) while simultaneously helping resolve deeply held emotional patterns.


For me, there is tremendous value in the pursuit of simplicity, being organized, and getting things done—it involves the nitty-gritty details of how you live your life and the energy that surrounds you. I truly believe these are important issues, and that working on the parts involved can be a profoundly empowering path to bringing deeper focus and awareness to your life.

Ancient Healings revolutionizes simplifying, organizing and Getting Things Done by normalizing the multiplicity of the mind - one part of you wants to get rid of old junk, while another part can’t let go— you’re ‘of two minds’, but are you really?!? Be aware of running parallels. When we hold onto negative thoughts/memories from the past/dead relationships/emotionally issues, we will find ourselves in a place of collecting or hording and finding it very difficult to LET GO!

I use techniques directly with the mind to resolve even the most entrenched mental quagmires and resultant real-life clutter, freeing you to connect to the calm clarity of your core Self. It doesn’t happen overnight, but over time, engaging with parts in this arena of one’s life can be deeply transformative. It has been for me, and I really enjoy delving into this area of life, which I believe is as valuable on the inner journey as any other.

If your inner energy is misdirected, so will your whole life.
~ C. Astrid Weber

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