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II. History of Spiritual Healing

piritual Healing has its roots in ancient history from Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Jerusalem, and the Orient, where it was practiced in their temples of worship. In ancient civilizations, the early medical practitioners were priest-physicians that received their training in the temples and learned from temple scholars. The three salvations against illness, disease and death were religion, medicine and magic. However, since spiritual healing was considered supernatural, it was feared.

Time Line:

1500 BC the Greek healer priests had established themselves as medical practitioners or physicians. The most famous of these was Hippocrates, born 460 BC. Known as the “Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates’ principles form the basis of the Hippocratic Oath undertaken by doctors to this day. The work of the healers who preceded these priests had been based on the theory that the individual spirit and life energy was at one with the Divine.
In 1000 BC the Egyptian Imhotep became so famous as a healer, that on his death, he was deified as the Egyptian God of Healing.
Records exist of the successes of the Greek healer Asclepius and many of his results would be classed as miracles by modern standards.
During the time of Jesus, the greatest spiritual healer in recorded history, many references to healing can be found in the Bible, in both the Old and New in his ministry where he cured both physical and spiritual illnesses – blindness, lameness, deafness, insanity, leprosy…

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healings deal with the divine souls energy channels (charkas/meridians). As a Spiritual Healer, I am here to transmute the darkness into light as many of those channels have become blocked & locked inside our mind and body with negative thoughts, beliefs and experiences. As the truth of the matter is, in order to stay healthy (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) we’ve got to keep the energy flowing freely.

Once healing occurs through the ideas I'm going to share with you, there's a spiritual reconnection that takes place with your Higher Self. Possible side-effects include Joy, Peace and Enlightenment. ;)

All joking aside though, I'm not a doctor and I don't know your health conditions. I believe in the value of spiritual healing methods, but you must take full responsibility for your own health and well-being.

So, with all those introductions and disclaimers taken care of, let's take a look at the spiritual healing methods I use.

We operate through our minds, God operates through our HEARTS. ~sherry

Spiritual Healing Methods:

Trans-Dimensional Soul Healing
Works on healing ones' multiple light and dark (shadow) "Soul Selves"...those uniquely personal aspects existing on higher and lower dimensional realities. Also assists to clear and connect you with the spiritual consciousness and light of your soul family and spirit guides. This category is associated with and may include healings of the "Inner Child".

Matrix Healing
All energy flow patterns and bodily structures follow an energetic etheric blueprint or "Matrix" which exists on each of the higher bodies. This very subtle work directly restores the original integrity of these blueprints on whatever level needed, eventually causing a positive readjustment to occur.

Vibrational Healing
Just as we sometimes are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, so too can we be deficient in (or have inactivated) specific vibrations that make up a part of our spiritual vibrational body. This healing work involves the transmission of those vibrations into us, stimulating and catalyzing healing on many levels.

Ancestral Healing
All beings that you are spiritually and energetically connected to - such as those beings who are part of your "Over Soul" family - these relationships remain... even beyond the grave. And if you happen to have unresolved issues or karma with any of these same beings, that too remains... even beyond the grave. Considering that you now find yourself incarnate, guess who will be processing the majority of your shared karma? That would be... you. However, through this spiritual, energetic, soul connection that you share, it is possible for us to do a special healing or clearing - through you to them. Without this help, these spirits may wander aimlessly, trapped in a lower dimensional reality, bound to the endless cycles of reincarnation (along with you when you join them).

Cellular Memory Release
You literally carry within the cells of your physical body, all of your positive and negative thoughts and experiences. These negatives (further made up of discordant imprints and programming) all jumble and weaken the magnetic-energetic fields of our body's immune system. Through spiritual energetic means, these negatives are brought up to the surface and processed out in the emotions and in the conscious and sub-conscious mind (i.e. your dreams).

Chakra Clearing
If the core is the "trunk" of ones being... the chakras are the "branches" that come out of it at differing levels - each having a different vibration, energy, emotion, function, color, sound, smell, feel and taste. These chakras spiral and radiate in and out from all parts of the body (seen and felt as the aura). These branches are the way we (normally) interact with the world and all who occupy it... receiving and transmitting energies, impressions and messages - back and forth. Over time, it is likely that negative stuff may accumulate in the chakras, blocking them from functioning at peak proficiency. This healing clears this stuff out of the chakra before (and often after) it gets into the core.

We all have come into this life with a great many spiritual and energetic agreements or "contracts". This healing helps resolve and clear those contracts that are not serving your highest good.

Vortex Healing
Clears or removes any inharmonious vortexes of multi-dimensional energies that may exist "within" a human being.

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