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I. Energy Healings: Chinese Energetics

History of Chinese Energy Healings

The history of Chinese Energy healing goes back thousands of years and has been practiced by cultures all over the world. The West has primarily been acquainted with forms of energy healing through the Eastern traditions of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chinese Energetics, Jing Qi Shen, the martial arts and so on. Hindu and Buddhist texts refer to energy healing as part of their traditions. In the northern Buddhist traditions, energy healing is accepted as part of spiritual healing.

Chinese Energetics, is one of the most cutting-edge energetic methods for self-healing, regeneration, and accelerated improvement in the body. This method of energetics comes from the Shaolin monastery of China. For thousands of years, the Shaolin monks practices martial arts to improve their personal well-being and their connection with their mind and body. In this century, Dr. Kam Yuen, 35th generation grandmaster and his master teacher decide to break from tradition to teach the secrets of the monastery to the general public.

Chinese Energetics

Chinese Energetic Healing addresses energetic trauma, beliefs and emotions stored in the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for communicating with every aspect of the body. It holds memories of everything in the brain. It is so important to use Chinese Energetic Healing to psychically remove stressors blocking the nervous systems communication patterns. Chinese Energetic Healing is just another pathway of communication that I use to obtain your body’s feedback about everything that is stressing it. Chinese Energetic healing then reprograms your body with positive energy, beliefs, and emotions to create flowing communications.

Benefits of Chinese Energetics

Relief of chronic and
acute illnesses
Reduction in pain
Tissue regeneration to
replace scars and burns
Lessening of arthritis pain
and stiffness
Improved circulation
Balancing of the organs and
glands and their bodily functions
Strengthened immune system
Calmer mind
Improved memory
Enhanced creativity
Relief from anxiety and
Restful sleep with more
vivid dreams
You think clearer and you
can 'see' clearer
Increased self-confidence
Deep relaxation
Feel more connected and in
tune with others and the

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